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Am I missing something here?

According to this headline from Boston.com:


State to take closer look at tolls on I-93

Let me get this straight here.  We just spent 14, 15, 16 Billion that’s Billion dollars with a capital “B” of taxpayer dollars to straighten out this road to make traffic flow smoother and more efficiently through Boston.  And now the State in it’s infinite wisdom (greed, actually) wants to install tolls where at all of that traffic must come to a screeching halt in order to hand money to a toll taker, wait for change and possibly ask for a receipt?  And this makes sense – why?


On second thought:  Could this be an attempt to make it seem to more people like getting a FastLane transponder is a good idea?  Hmm…  One step closer to implementing The Road System.  Maybe I should add “1984 is upon us" to the tags…

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