herrbgone (herrbgone) wrote,

It’s all about revenue generation

So they say.


With the increase in the number of hybrid cars on the roads and the likelihood of other non-gasoline based technologies being developed to commercial viability, the .gov is scrambling to find new sources of revenue. You see, if your car doesn’t use gasoline, they can’t tax you for the gas you use. So the .gov is looking for ways to extract money from you through other means. One way is outlined in detail in today’s article in Boston.com titled: Massachusetts may consider a mileage charge.

The idea is very similar to the system I outlined in my earlier Road System posts, only this time using GPS technology as the tracking device.


Mr. Orwell couldn’t have envisioned a more abuse facilitating system for tracking the location and movements of the citizens had he been alive today to write about it. 


Couple this with the driver-specific keyless RFID system that gives certain luxury cars the ability to reset the position of the seat, the mirrors, the pedals, even the radio to your personal specifications. The car knows it’s you using that system. So will your government issued GPS.


But they won’t use this system to track you.


So they say.


Trust them. They’re from the government. They’re here to help you.


So they say.


I don’t buy that for a minute!

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