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How can anything possibly go wrong?

Apparently some High School kids in Maryland have invented a new game.  According to this report they call it the Speed Camera "Pimping" game.

The “game” involves faking the license plate of someone you want to get even with, attaching it to your car, then intentionally speeding past a ‘speed control camera.’  Within a few days your victim will receive a $40 speeding ticket in the mail – courtesy of the local constabulary.  I don’t know if
Maryland is anything like Massachusetts.  I was eleven when we moved from there to here and I wasn’t exactly driving yet…  But here in the PDR of Mass the victim’s auto insurance bill would also be going up.  A good bit more than a mere $40.

Isn’t that fun?

I’d be surprised if there weren’t statements made by the officials proposing installing these cameras that they are so sophisticated that things like this ‘simply couldn’t happen.’

Link via SayUncle

Tags: crime, news, the road system

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